1) How long does it take for my order to be shipped?

- All 'Ready Made' Items will be shipped within a week of ordering. All 'Made to Order' Items take up to 4 weeks to Weeks to be shipped. This is because all Made To Order items are made when an order comes in and in most cases we have to order the fabric from our supplier too. We don't stock a large amount of the fabrics available as we wouldn't be able to offer as manyas we do now if we did.

2) What clothing items are you currently making?

- We are taking orders for Co Ords (Shorts / Skirts & Tees) and Smock Dresses. We will also take on custom orders if we have the time / are able to make what you're looking for.

3) The fabric I wanted is now "Sold Out" will you get more of that fabric?

-We usually only buy a small amount of fabric but in most cases we can always order more, so please just ask.

4) I really like this fabric but I would like it in a different item to what's listed can I get it in other styles?

- Absolutely! We will mainly add items we've already made to give you an idea of what fabrics look like as items of clothing! We don't stock the actual item but the fabric so we can make any clothing already listed in any fabric!

5) What Sizes do you make?

- Depends on the item but usually 6-22.

6) I'm looking for a specific type of fabric / specific print can you help?

-Most certainly! If you've got an idea for fabric or are looking for a specific print / colour we can do our best to have a look and source that fabric for you, of course the price will vary a lot on the fabric but that will all be discussed.

7) The item doesn't fit me? What happens next? Can I get a refund?

Please always refer to our size guide to get the right fit. We can't offer refunds. The reason behind this is that all items are handmade specially on request and we don't always resell items. If you're unsure about the sizing please just ask. In some cases I will try and offer to alter the item if it's possible.

8) I print my own fabrics, can you make me something from it?

-Of course! We are always looking to collab with people who design their own prints. Please contact us via rosiesweetpea@hotmail.com to discuss rates etc.

9) I am a Blogger and would love to Feature some of your items!

- Please email me at rosiesweetpea@hotmail.com.